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Law Firm in Croatia

Law Firm ZBA in Croatia provides professional services in the consultancy legal field by operating with promptness and efficiency in solving each case in the most viable way. Our law firm‘s work focuses on business consulting regarding Commercial Law for Croatian and foreign legal entities that operate in Croatia. We are able to cover all the operations that can be performed in the company’s interest, from the time of its opening and until the liquidation. Our lawyers in Croatia always put their vast expertise and experience in the clients’ service with the main purpose of defending their interests by choosing the most suitable methods provided by the Croatian law. Moreover, foreigners interested in immigration to Croatia can get in touch with our team of lawyers for assistance.

 Quick Facts  
How we can help you start a business in Croatia

We can draft the company documents, register with the authorities, handle different formalities involved in business formation.

Services offered by our lawyers in Croatia

– representation for business and tax registration,

– debt collection,

– litigation,

– property purchase,

– trademark registration,

– contractual disputes etc.

Representation for divorce cases (YES/NO)


Support for licenses and permits (YES/NO)


Legal advice for commercial disputes  

We can represent clients who own companies involved in business disputes

Power of attorney

Our lawyers in Croatia can represent clients with a power of attorney for opening a firm, a bank account, draft a contract etc.

Real estate due diligence

Foreigners who want to purchase a property in Croatia can benefit from specific verifications.

Legal advice for mergers and acquisitions (YES/NO)


Company liquidation

Advice for selling the assets and paying the debts

Tax advice and planning On request
Wealth management

Optimal solutions for high-net-worth individuals with businesses in Croatia

We manage immigration issues (YES/NO)

Our specialists can handle visa and residence permit formalities, citizenship, investment visa and more

Representation for family law cases (YES/NO)

Civil cases involving spouses, children, parents and presented in Family Court

Free case evaluation 

Our clients can access our website for free evaluation made by our experts.

Reasons to choose our law firm in Croatia

You can rely on professionalism, eficiency, transparency, and benefit from affordable prices.

Ivan Župan, the founder of Law Firm ZBAgraduated the Faculty of Law in Zagreb. He practiced as a legal attorney in the same city and then founded his law firm in 2014 with a few partners experienced in Commercial Law, Employment Law, statutory trade issues, industrial property rights, real estate, Labor Law, collection of claims, administrative law and many more.

Our affiliations

Ivan Župan is member of the Croatian Bar Association, of the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia, the institution that represents the business interests of American companies interested in having activities in Croatia. More than that, Law Firm ZBAis affiliated to HG.org, an important legal portal comprising information about attorneys in different countries, directed to customers and also professionals. 

We invite you to watch a video about the legal services provided by our Croation lawyers:

Representation in courts provided by our lawyers in Croatia

Our Croatian law firm provides representation before different types of Croatian courts. The representation before a court in Croatia may become a difficult action without the proper lawyer who is capable of bringing into the light the customer’s interest. The entire procedure may be expensive and exhausting in terms of energy invested, but choosing to work with our experienced lawyers will be the proper decision as we are able to find and apply the beneficial solutions for you and for your business. You can collaborate with our immigration lawyers in Croatia for company and staff relocation.

What are the types of courts in Croatia?

The judicial system of Croatia is divided into:

  • the Supreme Court, considered the highest instance court;
  •  county courts,
  •  municipal courts,
  •  commercial courts,
  •  misdemeanor courts,
  •  the High Commercial Court of the Republic of Croatia,
  •  the High Misdemeanor Court of the Republic of Croatia,
  •  the Administrative Court of Croatia.

What are the responsibilities of the courts in Croatia?

The Constitutional Court is an independent body, which regulates the application of the Constitution regulations. It may reverse or adjourn laws, decrees or decisions if they are not considered to be constitutionally. It is formed by thirteen judges elected for a determined period of time of eight years and a secretary general.

The Supreme Court of Croatia is the highest judicial institution in this country. It hears appeals against decisions taken by the first instance courts or by the High Commercial Court of Croatia and the Administrative Court of Croatia. The judges are elected permanently and may be dismissed after reaching 70 years old, on their request, if the law was broken or if it is a decision taken by the National Judicial Council.

The municipal courts are first instance jurisdiction in penal and civil cases. The appeals from the first instance courts are heard at the county courts. There are 23 regional courts in Croatia. A county court may act as a first instance court when there are special regulations for this, or the punishment is above 10 years.

The Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia was created in order to judge the cases related to administration (such as taxes, permits, licenses).

The High Commercial Court and the High Misdemeanor Court are usually second instance courts for cases already judged in the commercial and misdemeanor courts.

What are the responsibilities of the Arbitrary Court in Croatia?

The Permanent Arbitration Court, institution founded in 1853, deals with cases with international character, where a domestic legal entity and a foreign entity are involved and also in local cases involving only domestic legal entities.

The basis for opening a case in the Arbitration Court consists in the arbitration clause signed by both parties. The list with members from which the parties may choose the arbitrators consists in more than 150 persons. The domestic cases are regulated by the Rules of Permanent Arbitration Court and the international cases are regulated by the Zagreb Rules.

The decision taken by the Arbitration Court is final and has the same power as if it was taken by a court of justice.

How long does litigation in Croatia take?

A process in Croatia usually takes  several years before a final decision is taken. The first instance decisions may be appealed, this leading to an increase of the waiting time.

Debt collection with the help of our lawyer in Croatia

When a Croatian entity has to deal with a debt collection case, our advisors have the most convenient practices in order to recover a debt. Our lawyer in Croatia is able to provide assistance and representation from the demand letters to documentation drafting, in case of court summons procedure, in the civil and commercial actions, for criminal complaints and other further proceedings in order to recover debts. Our lawyers will also guide their clients to prevent compulsory effects and they help investors in cases of insolvency by monitoring counterparties and property management.


What types of companies are available in Croatia?

You may start your business, helped by our lawyer in Croatia, in several different forms, for example:

  • private limited company or limited liability company, a suitable business form for foreigners with small businesses;
  • public limited company subject to shares offered to the public;
  • joint stock corporations with unlimited liabilities for the company’s debts;
  • general partnership, limited partnership and silent partnership (the structure can be easily changed).

Our law firm in Croatia is able to offer you guidance and assistance for the incorporation procedure of any legal form for your business. We invite you to get in touch with our lawyers in Croatia for customized advice and representation. 

How are contracts signed in Croatia?

Contracts in Croatia are signed in compliance with the local and EU legislation. You should always ask for legal advice before drafting and signing a contract. Our lawyers in Croatia counsel their customers to consult a legal advisor from the beginning of the process of negotiation for any commercial contract or other relation. Thus they will benefit of our lawyers’ experience to avoid further inconveniences that may occur. If you would like to hire foreign staff, you should discuss with our immigration lawyers in Croatia.

Tax advice in Croatia

Knowing the tax structure in Croatia will help foreign entrepreneurs understand better the business conditions and the benefits connected to the company. For instance, Croatia signed several double taxation agreements with countries worldwide to avoid paying extra fees. The corporation income tax represents the most important tax for companies in Croatia. Our law firm in Croatia is also able to provide experienced tax advice in order to comply with the Croatian taxation policies. By working with professional accountants and experts from similar areas, our lawyers in Croatia are able to offer you consultancy for:

  • any VAT related matter, starting with the registration process; 
  • payroll, taxation and other financial issues that may arise in your company’s activity;
  • social contributions related to the employees of the company in Croatia;
  • tax minimization methods and reinvestments in the company’s best interest.

Our lawyers in Croatia will also offer support for foreign investors by helping them apply for the benefits of the double tax treaties. By this mean, any foreign entrepreneur who wants to open a business in Croatia can take advantage of these official taxation agreements, in order to benefit from tax exemptions.

What is company management in Croatia?

The company management is related to the ways in which the goals are achieved in a company and how the business is controlled. Each company member has liabilities which need to be understood, regardless of the situations which might intervene. Our Croatian lawyers can help foreign entrepreneurs through legal matters with the company management and the conditions imposed in the business environment.

Licenses and permits in Croatia

Investors who want to activate in the import and export sector, telecommunication, construction, banking and insurance, fishing, air and road transportation need to observe the legislation regarding the necessary licenses and permits. In the case of the construction sector, there are several inspections to consider, plus the requirements imposed by the Land Registry in Croatia. All the legal implications when applying for licenses and permits can be explained by our team of lawyers in Croatia.

How can a company be closed in Croatia?

company in Croatia can be closed if a non-judicial procedure is adopted. All the assets of the company members are divided, and if there are no payments or debts, the termination procedure can commence. A notice comprising the reasons why the company will be closed is provided to the Trade Register in Croatia, plus several documents like the balance sheet and any other significant papers of the firm. Closing a company in Croatia involves the trustee in liquidation and the committee formed by the creditors. We are at your disposal with legal advice if you are interested in company liquidation in Croatia.

Reasons to start a business in Croatia

The business climate in Croatia is very much appreciated overseas, and foreign investors have lots of reasons to believe that this country complies with their requirements from a business point of view. Because of the strategic geographic location with openings to the Adriatic Sea, entrepreneurs can thrive in Croatia’s prolific tourism sector by opening all sorts of businesses like resorts, travel agencies, hotels and many more. In terms of legislation, the Croatian government offers the same rules and opportunities for both domestic and foreign investors in Croatia, meaning that a permissive legislation on investments is at the disposal of entrepreneurs.

More than that, several tax incentives are applicable to foreign businesses in Croatia, among which the double taxation agreements signed with countries worldwide should be observed. As for the costs imposed at the time of company formation in Croatia, these are relatively low compared to other European states, as there is necessary a minimum share capital of EUR 1 for starting an LLC. You might want to solicit information about the expenses for opening a company in Croatia and registration procedure from our Croatian team of attorneys. They can also explain the formalities for immigration to Croatia.

For more details about the services we offer to local and foreign businessmen, we invite you to contact our law firm in Croatia.